Artificial Intelligence Quality Training

A practical guide to gain the required knowledge to master AI quality

A practical guide to gain the required knowledge to master AI quality


Benefitting from AI requires more than just implementing the technology. Organisations need to understand AI standards and regulations, recognise and predict the impact of AI on the business and manage the quality accordingly.


TÜV SÜD has developed training modules catered to Executives and Experts that equip organisations with skills to govern AI quality – a prerequisite to develop and adopt AI at scale. Our AI experts will guide you through quality requirements that include existing and upcoming AI standards, regulations, benchmarks, and industry best practices.


AI Quality Training – Leading the way to success (Expert– 16h)

TÜV SÜD’s AI Quality Training course for professionals developing or deploying AI systems or products provides an introduction and comprehensive overview of the governance and technical requirements to manage quality of AI systems. Our AI experts will reveal the importance of the organisational setup and enable participants to differentiate AI-specific challenges and select the respective matching AI technology for their use cases. The training will cover imperative requirements for AI system and AI data management, a risk assessment process to identify and manage relevant quality measures, essential AI quality controls, and industry best practices. The course offers participants the opportunity to receive a certificate to document skill development and organisation’s commitment to meet AI quality requirements.


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